7 Important Deal Breakers

1) Serving size

2) Price

  • We all want to find the best deal and comparing pre workouts can be tricky.  In order to get the most out of your money you need to look at both serving size and price.  A good way to compare would be to look at the price per serving ratio.

3) Duration of benefits

  • The best pre workout supplement will have benefits that last throughout the whole workout.  You don’t always want to find the supplement that last the longest.  Those of you who lift for only a half an hour don’t need to be amped for 3 hours.  On the other hand you don’t want a pre workout that last for a half an hour if you workout for 2 hours. Find a pre workout that lasts the length of your longest workout routine.

4) Side Effects

  • Nausea, headaches, lightheaded,  dry mouth, itching, bloating, insomnia, hunger suppression, and tingling.  Not all these are found in every pre workout, but some are more prevalent than other. If a symptom is present the intensity often varies.

5) Digestive Impact

  • I personally don’t see taste as a deal breaker. Most pre workouts are not very delightful and normally a claim of good taste means it is more tolerable than others.  If the taste is so bad that it makes you sick then I would take it into consideration.

  • High doses of certain ingredients like Caffeine can make you feel nauseous.  Most people can consume anywhere from 300mg-500mg of caffeine before they feel nauseous and there body tries to excrete it.

  • High doses of the amino acid Arginine can lead to diarrhea and nausea.  Other foods contain arginine such as red meats, nuts(2-3g per 100g), and spinach(3.3g per 100g) so you should be when supplementing with it.  I would recommend not taking more than 7g at one time and no more than 20g a day.

  • Creatine can make most people feel nauseous. I recommend not taking more than 5g at one sitting.  Even if you are loading, I would split up consumption into small doses throughout the day.  Those who load 20-25g a day are more likely to feel sick.

    • Example: 5g in the morning, 5g before workout, 5g after workout, 5g  at night

6) Maintenance

  • It is important to increased water intake due to dramatic performance increases involved with pre workouts.  This is especially prevalent in creatine based pre workouts because creatine causes water retention in your muscles.  Creatine is processed by the liver and excess is removed by the kidney.  These functions need water to run smoothly and this means you need to drink more water than usual to maintain adequate hydration.

  • Consuming supplement products with the same ingredients should be avoided to decrease tolerance levels and avoid over dosage.

  • When and how much you eat before lifting can vary.  Different people deal with pre workouts consumption differently.  Some people need a little bit of food in there stomach with a pre workout and others need an empty stomach.  Eating habits before a pre workout should be regulated based on personal stomach patterns.

7) Time lapse between pre workout consumption and stimulation

  • Often pre workout manufacturers recommend waiting anywhere from 20 min-60 min before training after taking a supplement.  The most common wait duration is 30-45 minutes.  Choose the pre workout with the best length that fits your routine.

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