Beta-Alanine Molecule



Beta-Alanine is an amino acid found in chicken, beef, and fish.  Beta-Alanine increases Carnosine levels in the muscle that limits hydrogen ion build-up. Greater Carnosine levels help regulate hydrogen ion build up and ultimately increase anaerobic performance by delaying fatigue. More high intensity training can be conducted before signs of rapid fatigue.

Users often notice muscle endurance and delayed fatigue. This can be described as pushing past your normal limit and being able to get those extra reps. By delaying fatigue, overall workout performance is improved allowing for a longer duration of intense exercise.


Consuming more than 800mg can result in an itchy tingling feeling known as paresthesia. This is more prevalent when consumed on an empty stomach. This feeling is not harmful  to the body but can be uncomfortable. Paresthesia is caused by an increase of plasma concentration. This side effect is temporary and can last anywhere from a few minutes to an hour.

VO2 Peak Increase

A study in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition examined β-alanine supplementation in high-intensity interval training (HIIT). β-alanine supplementation was proven to enhance performance and results from HIIT. Exercise between 1 minute and 4 minutes saw significant performance enhancement from β-alanine. These improvements were seen in VO2 peak and the time to reach VO2 peak. There were no improvements in workouts less than 60 seconds.

VO2 peak is the maximum amount of oxygen attainable for the amount of effort given during the test. VO2 peak varies based on the amount of effort the patient provides during the study and VO2 max is the max oxygen uptake with the max amount of effort possible. VO2 peak could be the VO2 max if effort level could be proven to plateau as workout load increases.

Increased Lean Muscle Mass Gains

By allowing for a greater training volume significant improvements in lean muscle mass are noticeable. A study comparing use of creatine vs creatine combined with β-alanine in athletes showed that β-alanine and creatine combined significantly increase lean body mass greater than just creatine alone. This study had football collegiate athletes performing at a high volume of intense resistance training.

Hydrogen Ion Regulation

During strenuous exercise hydrogen ions build up in the muscles causing a decrease in performance.  Atrophy can be seen in peak power, overall strength, endurance, training capacity, and anaerobic threshold.  A large quantity of hydrogen ions correspond with a reduction of pH levels in the muscles.  Regulating hydrogen ion concentration is vital to optimizing strength and conditioning results.

Carnosine produced by beta-alanine helps Decrease hydrogen ion build up->Buffer pH levels in the muscles-> Prolong acidosis-> Decrease protein degradation

Once exercise becomes strenuous enough where it breaches our lactic threshold exercise becomes more difficult, muscles ache, and respiratory rate quickens. As lactic acid builds up in the muscles pH levels decrease and fatigue sets in.

Acidosis within the muscle has been proven to be one of the main causes of fatigue during strenuous exercise. Acidosis occurs when the pH level of the muscle tissue falls below 6.9 (blood acidosis is prevalent when blood pH levels fall below 7.35). In a study muscle pH level was monitored to be 7.09 at rest and 6.56 after strenuous isometric exercise to fatigue.

In a study by the Department of Surgery, State University of New York, “Increasing evidence suggests that acidosis promotes muscle protein wasting by both increasing protein degradation and inhibiting protein synthesis. Correction of acidosis may therefore help to preserve muscle mass and improve the health of patients with pathological conditions associated with acidosis.”

Beta-Alanine Products

NOW Foods Beta Alanine Powder Pure Beta Alanine Powder

500 Grams Pure
Serving Size 1/2 Teaspoon(2g)
Servings Per Container 250
Beta-Alanine 2.0 g (2,000 mg)
MusclePharm Assault


MusclePharm Assault

435-725 Gram Pre Workout Blend
Serving Size 1 Scoop (14.5g)
Servings Per Container 30-50
Beta-Alanine 2.0 g (2,000 mg)
Cellucor C4 Extreme  ReviewCellucor C4 Extreme
171-342 Gram Pre Workout Blend
Serving Size 1 Scoop (5.7g)
Servings Per Container 30-60
Beta-Alanine 1.5 g (1,500 mg)

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